"Bright days with music"
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Kenneth Davis

Kenneth is a multi instrumental performer and has a background in Music Pedagogy for all ages. He studied music business at the Modern Music Academy in 2009 while touring the state as the drummer for a Gypsy Swing Band. After over a decade of performing on the drums Kenneth taught himself to play jazz piano and began performing solo and teaching private lessons on both instruments. After that, he spent several years as the Admissions Director for a private music Conservatory and picked up Guitar and Bass during that time. Kenneth has experience teaching students of all ages (Including Preschool and Elderly) on a variety of instruments. He also specializes in music theory comprehension, composition, recording arts, and video production..


Shaira Benitez

Shaira is a powerhouse vocalist with a passion for music education. From a very young age she started performing in churches and even leading the congregation. When she was 16, Shaira started taking operatic and classical voice lessons, which gave her a natural approach to singing technique. She also has a good deal of experience performing in theatrical shows and musicals. She started working with a Los Angeles talent agency in 2016 where she gained experience in television acting, music, and auditioning. She continued her studies in music at Allan Hancock College and became well versed in music theory, composition, and audio production. While attending school there she also started teaching for a conservatory where she further focused her already impressive set of skills and techniques. Shaira is also proficient in Piano, Ukulele, and Drums/ Rhythm.

 “Bright days with Music Events”

Music Lessons with Teacher Shaira and Teacher Kenneth


Morro Bay Kite🎏Festival April 2019

Art in the Park At Dinosaur🦖Caves June/July 2019

S. & K. Music Lessons Sunshine🌞Concert July 2019