This is an original song by James Gallardo which is dedicated to the Loving Memory of Daphne Hannig

- 21st of October 1989 to 4th of January 2015

"A Quien" by Omar Naré Feat. Jasmín La Carís

Omar Naré is the voice and face of "Nuevo Mariachi", a genre he invented as part of his quest to bring about a resurgence in popular culture to the timeless sound of Mariachi.

Jasmín La Carís is a Performing Artist, Choreographer, Director, and Muse. Together, their dynamic performances are unmistakable & unforgettable. We're so glad they were able to make it out to Groove Street to record their new song"A Quien"

Visit their website for more show dates & music: carisnare.com

Maca Root Connection

An Original Song by Kenneth Davis

“Maca Root Connection”

Featuring James Gallardo on Upright Bass, Tom Brown on the Vibraphone, & Kenneth on the Nord

Blue Monk

"Blue Monk" - A song by Thelonious Monk Feat. Tom Brown on the Vibraphone James Gallardo on the Upright Bass & Kenneth Davis on the Nord


Groove Street Presents: "Sugar"

Featuring Tom Brown on the Vibraphone, James Gallardo on the Upright Bass, & Kenneth Davis on the Nord. Filmed Live at "Groove Street Studios" in Los Osos, California

April Fools Final Cut

We just learned how to Edit 4 Camera Video Shoots with High Fidelity Audio, & are so excited to show you our first Recording with "Groove Street Productions"

Here's an original song by Kenneth Davis: "April Fools"

Featuring James Gallardo on the Upright Bass

& Tom Brown on the Vibes!🌞


This is an original song inspired by the popular composer Wynn-Anne Rossi. It was written by Kenneth Davis at the 2017 teVelde Composition Camp, & features James Gallardo on the Upright Bass, Tom Brown on the Vibraphones, & Kenneth Davis on the Nord.

"April Fools" with Talia Ortega

I Finally got Talia over for another rehearsal! We've both been uber busy this year, & it's great to reconnect & play our music together again :)

Let us know where you'd like to see us next! 🌞

"April Fools 5-18-18"

The Sunny Nights Trio @ Tap It Brewery

This is a short video of the Sunny Nights Trio featuring Talia Ortega (on Vocals), Josh Collins (on Guitar), and Kenneth Davis (on Drums)

House Of The Rising Sun - Violinist Patrick Contreras



"April Fools" @ Sly Park 2015

This is an original composition of mine called "April Fools" - played on a Yamaha Digital Keyboard during the 2015 Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp @ The Sly Park recreation Center in Polluck Pines, California.

The Sunny Nights @ The Creeky Tiki - LIVE

This is a 4 minute video of the Sunny Nights Quartet playing at The Creeky Tiki in downtown San Luis Obispo, featuring all 4 original members: Sean Collins on Vibraphones, Josh Collins on Guitar, Kenneth Davis on the Drums, & James Gallardo on Bass!

The Winning Drum Solo (Part 1)
The Winning Drum Solo (Part 2)
Sunny Nights Ain't Misbehavin'

This video captures the Sunny Knights Trio's take on a classic Fats Waller Song - "Ain't Misbehavin'" - Featuring: Talia Ortega on Flute & Vocals, Josh Collins on Guitar, and Kenneth Davis on the Drums!

The Sunny Nights in Menlo Park - Kenneth Davis, Sean Collins, Josh Collins, and James Gallardo

This is a video of the The Sunny Nights (which was then a quartet) playing at Sunset Magazine's Annual Celebration Weekend at their Headquarters in Menlo Park, featuring Josh Collins on Guitar, Sean Collins on Vibraphones, James Gallardo on Bass, and Kenneth Davis on Drums.

Bentley Murdock - Good Love (Featuring Kenneth Davis)

This is a video of Kenneth Davis being featured playing drums with Bentley Murdock's song, "Good Love" in San Luis Obispo's "Downtown Brew." I believe this happened during 2010 or 2011;  and I hope you enjoy watching!

Sunny Nights Romanian Folk Song

This is a Searing Hot rendition of a Romanian Folk Song performed at The Bliss Cafe in San Luis Obispo by The Sunny Nights Quartet - Featuring Talia Ortega on Flute, Maritza Solu on Violin, Wyatt Wakefield on Piano, and Kenneth Davis on the Drums.

Kenneth Davis Drum Solo
"Don't Close Your Eyes" Cole Fonseca & Patrick Contreras Live at Fulton 55
Sunset Magazine Weekend Celebration 2012 - Kenneth Davis playing "Arctic Blue" with the Red Skunk Band

This is a video of Kenneth Davis playing a song called "Arctic Blue" with the Red Skunk Band playing live at the Sunset Magazine Celebration, which is held every year at their headquarters in Menlo Park.

Patrick Contreras: Led Zeppelin Kashmir Violin Tribute

Patrick Contreras: Led Zeppelin Kashmir Violin Tribute

Omar Naré on Keyboard

Kenneth Davis on the Drums

The Who - Young Man Blues Covered by Alex Van Brasch & Kenneth Davis Live @ SLO Brew MMA BBB

This is a video from the Big Benevolent Bash, a concert I helped throw as an end of the year show for the Music School I attended. This was a cover of the Who's "Young Man Blues," with Alex Van Brasch on Vocals and lead Guitar, and of course, myself on drums. This concert was especially cool because all of the proceeds went to the fundraiser "Guitars, not Guns."

"The Freak Show" with Cameron Engalls

This is a music video for the song "Let my Love," by singer-songwriter Molly Reeves. I recorded the drum part as well as being featured as one of the circus performers in the video. Here's a hint, I'm the character most likely to have a small car and large feet! HAhaha

Kenneth Davis' Winning Drum Solo @ the SLO Drum Competition 2015
The Vamp Of New Orleans - with Kenneth Davis as the featured drummer for the Red Skunk Band

This is a music video for the Song "The Vamp of New Orleans," by the Red Skunk Band. 2011 All Rights Reserved

Bentley Murdock - Don't Worry Be Happy / Three Little Birds

This is a video of me playing a cover of "Don't Worry, Be Happy," by Bobby McFarrin at Downtown Brew in San Luis Obispo.

Bentley Murdock - No More No Less (SLO, CA - Feb 2012)

This is a video of Myself playing drums with Bentley Murdock to his song, "No More, No Less," live at Downtown Brew in San Luis Obispo.

"Premonitions" by Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band

This was one of the very first Music Videos I was featured in. The song was an original called "Premonitions," & the band featured in the video was a Django Reinhardt-inspired Gypsy Swing group called The RedSkunk Band.

Last 3 Minutes. Absolutely Slaying at Kreuzberg!!!

This is a great live video of the Red Skunk Band playing at the Kruzberg Cafe In San Luis Obispo - a really fun show!

Kenneth drum solo sans sticks 2011 Sacramento Trad Jazz Camp

The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp: It's a blast! I had a lot of fun that year, played more music that week than any other, and learned a ton from playing and from observing and listening to the professors there. Here is a video of me just kicking back and playing drum solos outside of the lunch hall. People there are actually okay with hearing loud noises before they eat, they actually want it, they hunger for the jazz rhythm. Jazz camp is an amazing time and place :)

Viper Youth - Who Walks In

This is a video of the "Viper Youth" playing a cover of "Who Walks In" at the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp.Most of the folks at jazz camp tend to be seniors, so this year, I had the idea to round up all of the youngest and fastest players in the camp, and cajole the camp director to let us play a song for everyone. I play drums, bones and perform backup vocals in this video. Thanks for Watching, and reading; That's even cooler of you!    -Kenneth Davis