Maca Root Connection

"Maca Root Connection" by Kenneth Davis Featuring Tom Brown on the Vibraphone & James Gallardo on the Upright Bass

This is the first of 4 Videos we recorded last weekend in Morro Bay: Next will be "Daphne" by James Gallardo, Followed by "Nouvelle Romance" by Tom Brown & Last but not least "Good Sweet Lovin'" by Emily Franklin-Clark!

Blue Monk

"Blue Monk" - A song by Thelonious Monk Feat. Tom Brown on the Vibraphone James Gallardo on the Upright Bass & Kenneth Davis on the Nord

Groove Street Presents: "April Fools" Feat. James Gallardo & Tom Brown

We just learned how to Edit 4 Camera Video Shoots with High Fidelity Audio, & are so excited to show you our first "Groove Street Production"

Here's an original song by Kenneth Davis: "April Fools"

Featuring James Gallardo on the Upright Bass

& Tom Brown on the Vibes!🌞


This is an original song inspired by the popular composer Wynn-Anne Rossi. It was written by Kenneth Davis at the 2017 teVelde Composition Camp, & features James Gallardo on the Upright Bass, Tom Brown on the Vibraphones, & Kenneth Davis on the Nord.

"April Fools" with Talia Ortega

I Finally got Talia over for another rehearsal! We've both been uber busy this year, & it's great to reconnect & play our music together again :)

Let us know where you'd like to see us next! 🌞

"April Fools 5-18-18"

The Sunny Knights Trio @ Tap It Brewery
Sunny Knights Romanian Folk Song
The Sunny Knights @ The Otter Rock 2014

A short video of "The Sunny Knights" playinga hot version of "Autumn Leaves" - featuring Talia Ortega on vocals, Josh Collins on Guitar, Kenneth Davis on the drums, Wyatt Wakefield on Piano, & Keegan Harshman on the Stand-up Bass.

   This was filmed at the "Otter Rock Cafe" in San Luis Obispo, & the Videography credit goes to Paul Irving, who happened to be there to see the show with his son, & filmed this short clip on his Smart Phone.

Sunny Knights with Louie Ortega
Sunny Knights Ain't Misbehavin'
The Sunny Knights @ The Creeky Tiki - LIVE
The Sunny Nights trio w/ Patrick Contreras & Omar Naré
Romanian Folk Song Live @ Bliss Cafe
The Sunny Knights in Menlo Park - Kenneth Davis, Sean Collins, Josh Collins, and James Gallardo
The Sunny Knights - Private Party